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General Terms and Conditions of AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH

Conditions of entry and use

§ 1

By entering the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility, the visitor accepts the following terms and conditions of entry and use as binding.

§ 2

(I) The admission ticket entitles the visitor to enter the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility on the day printed on the ticket during the current opening hours. The valid opening times are below evident.

(ii) By entering the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility, visitors agree that the photos, film recordings and interviews made by them in connection with their participation on radio, television, the Internet, advertising, books, photomechanical reproductions - films, DVDs, etc. may be used, distributed and published. Camera surveillance and photos to protect your and our safety as well as our property, camera surveillance is available on the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH site.

When creating the photo, video and audio recordings, we naturally observe the German data protection and copyright laws. If you do not agree to publication in an individual case, please inform the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facilities crew immediately if you are aware of this. The images will then be promptly deleted and not published. If you discover the images later on the Internet or other media and, exceptionally, do not agree to their publication, please contact us by e-mail specifying which image is the subject of the complaint. For us, to protect against unauthorized deletion requests, it is essential that we can identify you as the person depicted. Therefore, please send us a blackened copy of the front of your identity card by e-mail. Only the ID photo is important to us, all other data such as name, address, etc. should be blacked out.

(III) If the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility closes prematurely, for example in the early and late season due to weather conditions, there is no right to a full or partial refund of the entrance fee.

§ 3

(I) When using the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility of any kind, the consumption of food and drinks you have brought with you is prohibited.

(II) Instructions, warnings and instructions for use on information boards and signs must be obeyed as well as the verbal instructions of the facility personnel.

§ 4

(I) The visitor is obliged to show the admission ticket to the supervisory staff upon request.

(II) Anyone who is not found in possession of a valid admission ticket is obliged to pay a flat rate of € 60.00 for all claims arising from this. The criminal prosecution for trespassing according to §123 StGB and for fraudulently obtaining free entry according to §265a StGB is expressly pointed out.

§ 5

(I) Children under the age of 8 are only permitted to enter if accompanied by an adult.

(II) When visiting a group of children, the responsible person must be named as such upon entry. The accompanying person is responsible for the supervision of the children and in particular the obligation to ensure the safety of the children and to protect them from harm. Parents are responsible for their children.

§ 6

(I) The individual fairways at AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH are available to visitors for free use within the scope of their intended purpose. It is not permitted to enter the individual facilities outside of the intended use facilities or to leave the approved paths.

(II) Dogs are only allowed on a leash on the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH course.

(III) Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas, which are marked with signs. This also applies to e-cigarettes.

(IV) The failure of individual railways does not give the right to a reduction or reimbursement of the admission price.

§ 7

(I) Use of the facility is entirely at your own risk. The AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility is not liable for damage to visitors if this is due to the fact that the visitor has not used the existing safety regulations, has not exercised the necessary care at the entrances and exits, has not observed the information and mandatory signs or the Has not followed the instructions of the supervisory staff contrary to §4 paragraph 3.

(II) Apart from that, the statutory liability of the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility remains unaffected insofar as the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility is culpably liable for damage to life and limb of visitors. If this damage does not affect the life or physical integrity of the visitor, AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH is only liable for intent or gross negligence.

(III) Complaints or damage must be reported to the facility management in any case before leaving the parking area. Claims for compensation of any kind are excluded if the duty of disclosure has been violated.

§ 8th

Depending on the weather, there may be a risk of slipping on the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility (rain, black ice, snowfall, etc.). Visitors are therefore required to exercise the necessary caution if necessary, in particular to observe barriers of any kind, to wear non-slip shoes and, if necessary, to refrain from brisk walking and running.

§ 9

Filming and photography is permitted at AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH, provided that the consent and privacy of other people seen in the photo has been obtained and is preserved.

§ 10

No liability is assumed for the loss, theft, etc. of items that are not the property of the AdventureGolf Winterberg GmbH facility.

§ 11

(I) Anyone who bothers other visitors, enters the facility contrary to the existing user facilities, does not follow the instructions of the supervisory staff or prohibition signs and interferes in any other way can be expelled from the facility without any right to a refund of the entrance fee. The supervisory staff is entitled to exercise all rights flowing from the house rules.

(II) Use of the children's playgrounds is at your own risk.

§ 12

(I) The visitor is obliged to pay compensation for all culpably caused damage. Any violation of these terms and conditions of entry and use shall be deemed to be at fault.

(II) Accompanying persons must supervise children under the age of 8 at all times. You are responsible for the damage caused by children.

§ 13

(I) Should one of these conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. In this case, the invalid provision shall be replaced by one whose content comes as close as possible to the purpose of the invalid provision intended by the parties.

(II) None of the above paragraphs is intended to reverse the statutory or judicial allocation of the burden of proof.

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Last admission to the round of golf at 5:30pm. If all golfers are back then, the facility closes at around 5:30 p.m.