Interactive Adventure Golf Tour

Get to know our 18 lanes interactively even before you visit us. Simply click on the golf ball of the respective hole and get an overview of what to expect from us. 

Adventure Golf Winterberg Interactive Map
1.Old beer barrels-VELTINS

Old beer barrels

The C. & A. Veltins GmbH & Co. KG brewery was founded in 1824 and is now the 7th largest brewery in the world. Its headquarters are in Meschede-Grevenstein. A tour of the brewery is possible all year round.

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Brewery C. & A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG

On the litter

59872 Meschede

2.Ice Slide-Froneri

Ice slide

Froneri is a young ice cream and frozen food company, combining the know-how acquired over decades from Nestlé and R & R Ice Cream. Froneri is represented in over 20 countries and is the 2nd largest manufacturer of ice cream in Europe.

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FRONERI Schöller GmbH 

Northwest Ring 201

90419 Nuremberg



The Rothaarsteig is 156.8 km long and has been a public long-distance hiking trail since 2001. This lane is played over the height ratio of the Rothaarsteige.

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Standpunkt-Verlag GmbH

Negertstrasse 1b

59955 Winterberg

4.Bobbahn-Bobhaus Winterberg

Bobsleigh track

Bobsleigh has existed in Winterberg since 1910. The artificial ice rink in Winterberg, which opened in 1977, is the fourth oldest in the world. She is going for used for tobogganing, skeleton and bobsleigh, where the athletes can reach speeds of up to 140kmh on the 1609 meter long track.

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Winterberg bobsleigh house

Cap 1

59955 Winterberg

5.Slalom slope ski rental_choice

Slalom slope

The Sauerland winter sports arena is the most important winter sports region north of the Alps. It extends over the heights of the Rothaar ridge. There are 29 ski areas with 154 lifts and approx. 88 km of slopes.

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Wahle ski rental

Remmeswiese 15

59955 Winterberg

6.Ruhrquelle-Bikers World Sauerland

Ruhr sources

The Ruhrquelle lies in the northeast of the Rothaargebierges. It rises on the Ruhrkopf, a 696 meter high mountain in a small wooded area in Winterberg and gave its name to an entire region (Ruhrgebiet). From the source to the mouth in Duisburg, the Ruhr is 219km long.

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Brewery C. & A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG

On the litter

59872 Meschede

7. Ski area Postwiese_Neuastenberg

Ski Area

The Postwiesen ski area is part of the winter sports arena and is located in Neuastenberg. The family-friendly ski area comprises 16 runs with a total length of 10 km, a challenging natural toboggan run and a professional fun park for freeskiers and snowboarders.

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Postwiesenliftgesellschaft GmbH + Co. KG

Winterberger Str. 8 

59955 Winterberg

8. Edertalsperre-Edersee tourism


It was built between 1908 & 1914 with a length of 400m. In 1943 she was through Bombardment destroyed, but rebuilt in the same year. The sunken city in front of the Lock can be discovered when the lake has almost dried up in a hot summer.

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Edersee Touristic GmbH 

Hemfurther Strasse 14

34549 Edertal

9.5 lakes grill station old train station

5 lakes

There are 5 large reservoirs in the Sauerland: Biggesee, Diemelsee, Hennesee, Möhnesee and Sorpesee. Our lakes all have excellent water quality and invite you to swim, fish or also go to pedal boats.

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Grill station "Alter Bahnhof"

Nuhnetalstrasse 114

59955 Winterberg

10.Mühlrad-Landhotel Mühlengrund

Mill wheel

The Landhotel Mühlengrund got its name from the Mühlengraben running under the hotel. The family-run hotel is in the 4th generation and is an original Sauerland quality company.

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Landhotel Mühlengrund *** S

Nuhnetalstrasse 114 

59955 Winterberg

11.St.Georg Schanze Sparkasse

St. George ski jump

The St. Georg Schanze was built in 1959 from reinforced concrete with a 22m tower height and 43m arch span and serves as the landmark of Winterberg. Even today, young talents train there all year round.

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Sparkasse Hochsauerland

Am Waltenberg 23

59955 Winterberg

12. Mining Museum Ramsbeck


The first freight carts were used in the mining industry in the 19th century to transport lignite and coal mines. This trolley is over 100 years old and consists of 5mm thick hot-dip galvanized sheet metal.

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Mining Museum Ramsbeck GmbH 

Glück-Auf St. 3

59909 Bestwig



The mines in the Sauerland consist of pits, mines and tunnels. In 1 m of the Sauerland, ore mining was used to mine iron, copper, zinc and lead.

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North area MHI Baustoff GmbH Diabase work

At the Clemensberg

59955 Winterberg

14. Famerama Food Corner Winterberg


The Sauerland has a green area of 66% and includes over 1500 agricultural and forestry operations. These are therefore a major economic factor in our region.

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Food Corner Winterberg

Poststrasse 4 

59955 Winterberg

14.Trailpark Probiker

Trail park

The Traifpark Winterberg is the largest freely usable mountain bike route in the Sauerland with 20 km of trails. The 5 trail parks extend over 5 mountains: Herrloh, Bremberg, Sürenberg, Poppenberg & im Bulzhol.

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PRO biker Winterberg

Am Waltenberg 49

59955 Winterberg

16.Labyrinth EVERS


In the beautiful Sauerland there are still 18 quarries that are in operation. Natural stone is a valuable raw material with a wide range of possibilities for our region. Types of stone: basalt, diabase, gabbro, granite, greywacke, limestone.

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Olsberger Baustoffe Ph. Evers GmbH & Co. KG

In the Ramecke 2

59939 Olsberg

17.Dutchman-Der Brabander


Winterberg is a popular holiday destination for our neighboring country, the Netherlands. For you and the Germans, mini golf is the most popular popular sport.

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Vakantiehotel Der Brabander

Am Waltenberg 65

59955 Winterberg

18.Sports field drinks HO Jäger

sports ground

In the summer of 1946, gaming began at this location. The sports field was not used for over a decade before we bought it in 2019. We built this facility to bring life, joy and play back to the field.

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Beverages HO Jäger GmbH & Co. KG

To the Ohl 2

34508 Willingen-Usseln



Shuffleboard is a popular outdoor game. It can be played alone, in groups or as a tournament. We would be happy to explain the rules to you.

Adventure golf game world playground

Play world playground

There is also a playground on our premises for taking a break in between. The little visitors can let off steam and have fun on the play world playground.

Adventure_Golf-Cafe & Bistro

Adventure Golf Café

Opening times: TUE - SUN 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m

We have converted the old club house into a cozy café, where old and young can socialize for a delicious coffee and fresh cake. Not only AdventurerGolfer are welcome here, but everyone!

Barefoot path adventure golf Winterberg

Barefoot path

You will be off your feet. The barefoot path serves the health, the conscious feeling with the feet as well as the strengthening of the mindful perception of nature.

Picnic_Adventure Golf

Picnic places

Have a cozy picnic with your Adventure Golf group in the middle of the complex. If you haven't taken anything with you, you can also visit our cafe to fortify yourself there.